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Our Favorite Links...

James Burger
James is the photographer responsible for making us look good on film. You can see more of his work on his website or in our Photos section.

Anthony Fatato
Anthony is a renaissance man of sorts who uses paint as one of his primary means of communication.

Song 3 Productions
Kenn Moutenot is a rare breed of musician, and his website reflects his unique sensibility. He's also the man responsible for getting us involved with Eumir Deodato.

Eumir Deodato
Deodato is a producer, arranger, composer, you name it. Sometimes, the Porn Horns get to gig with him and Kenn Moutenot in mysterious locations across the globe.

The Sweet Ones
Ryan and Matt B also play in this raucous roc 'n rol outfit. Give a cheer... throw a beer!

Mustafa Bhagat
Mustafa plays sitar with David Freeman (tabla). He's also a talented video editor.

Lab Report
Media Room