The Official Newsletter of Country Club & the Porn Horns
January 2004  


January 25, 2004 - Mercury Lounge - 8:00pm
217 East Houston St (bet. Essex St & Ludlow St)

January 29, 2004 - The Hook
- 9:00pm
18 Commerce St


People of Country Club & the Porn Horns,

It is I, Braimy of Clippa, Son of Frank the Great, 17th level Warlock. I bid you tidings from the 7th dimension of the planet Orzar where I have obtained the wand of telepathic communication from a local merchant for a measly 3 goats. Consequently, I no longer require the use of tangible objects to communicate; This Wagon Revue is being transmitted directly from my brainwaves, or “Braimwaves,” if you will.

I have spent my days since the release of “Return Of the King” experimenting with new ideologies, mixing the bands forthcoming album, “The Stationwagon Revolution,” and maintaining a healthy regiment of PC Gaming, potion mixing and shire weed smoking.

My bandmates have been busy as well. Matt Brundrett’s war drums have been called upon by singer/songwriter Adam Green to tour the continent of Europe. His quest begins the first week of February. The mighty Porn Horns have lent their regal power of ballyhoo to the worthy Juda Bauer of John Spencer Blues Explosion for his upcoming solo album, being recorded at Melody Lanes Studios. Ryan Havers, founding father of the Olean Wrestling Club and dungeon master in his own right, has begun work on a new musical project, the details of which will become clear when the second moon of Manjar enters the brown ring of Galaxy VI. Triumph.

Moving on.

The evening of the 25th day of this, the first month of the year of the Ent, or next Sunday to the laymen, Country Club & the Porn Horns will be displaying their wizardry at Mercury Lounge at 8:00 p.m. I must now pause this transcription to tighten my knee-high lace-up Moccasins.

Victory is mine! The sacred shoe is secure!

We continue.

After the fourth sun has set, or Thursday, the 29th, look to the East and behold another magical performance at The Hook in Brooklyn.

I leave you now, for I have but only another 30 seconds on my pre-paid Interzone card. My castle awaits. Hab SoSII’ Quch! (Klingon translation:


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