The Official Newsletter of Country Club & the Porn Horns
May 2003  


May 17, 2003 - Sully's Pub
   2071 Park St, Hartford,CT

May 22, 2003 - Elbow Room
   144 Bleecker St, NYC

May 31, 2003 - Galapagos
   70 N. 6th St, Brooklyn,NY
   with The Invincible Doctor Psyclops Invasion and The Negatones

Jamm-ons and Jammettes,

Your ol' friend Kel C. Jammer here with a totally bitchin' Country Club & the Porn Horns update. I hope this letter finds all of you Country Clubbers out there in good health and good head space. You know my head is in a good space. Yeah bro!

So like, check it out. April was like so rad. Amidst late season snow jams and cold rains, Country Club & the Porn Horns warmed it up in true C. Club style with a killer sesh at NYC's esteemed rock club, the Elbow Room. The evening entitled, "United We Groove" totally lived up to its billing, as heads united over good bands, good brewskis, and good... well, you know.

C.C.P.H., looking good as ever (I must add) rewarded the crowd with classic cuts such as "Nutsack Medallion" and "Whiskey Tits." The rhythm section was super tight and the Porn Horns were "squaning," man. And by "squaning," I mean f---ing en fuego, brodos.

Groovin' on into May:

May is just looking like a maelstrom of rockin' times. With the sun getting warmer and days getting longer, peeps are stretching out their jam legs and getting ready to hoop it up. Me, I'm getting the old sand legs back in shape for some rightous beach v-ball, dude.

As for the band, we are just completely stoked about this month's events. This coming Saturday (5/17) the Station Wagon Revolution rolls into Hartford, CT with a show at Sully's Pub. This being a hometown show for the CT boys, the band is pumped as ever. This is expected to be a true "block party" weekend, so I strongly suggest that any C. Clubbers in the vicinty of this show come down and jam on.

And then, after that, its Jamtown back in NYC for another date at the Elbow Room on Thursday, May 22. Armed with new stoney-baloney video projection by Braimy Saltino himself, we will commence the rock and the roll once again for all of you faithful NYC C.C.P.H. heads.

And finally, on Saturday May 31st, C.C.P.H. makes its triumphant return to Galapagos in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for a rock n' roll showdown with Dr. Psyclops and The Negatones.

So there you have it Broderoners. Monster May!!! Don't miss any of the action!!! On behalf of Chaunce, Black Hole, Tempuss, Braimy, and Shirly T, I am reminding you all:

Don't get yourself too hot
Don't get yourself too high
If we don't take it easy now
We can kiss it all goodbye

Cool the engines
Slow this rocket down
Cool the engines

            -Tom Shultz (Boston)

Burnin' one for you all,
Kel C. Jammer           

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